Social Media at its finest

Support around interactive media. Creation of motion templates and development of the website for the new digital magazine of the Coop Group.

In close cooperation with the digital team of the Coop Content House, we were allowed to participate at various points in the creation of the new digital magazine. This resulted in a variety of multimedia products.

We designed content, refined the corporate design, created multimedia templates and developed the website.

In a persistent and creative process, an attractive look was developed from the existing logo, which is now applied to all content. The newly created shape and colour world is used by the «scoop!» team for the elaboration of all social media publications and also gave the landing page the appropriate style.

In addition, we regularly design and develop animated graphic templates. The templates based on After Effects Motion Essentials enable the editorial team to quickly and easily adapt the corporate design to videos, formats and other content to be created.

What «scoop!» achieves

With the digital magazine «scoop!», Coop completes its media coverage within the Swiss population. In addition to its two existing channels, «Coopzeitung» and «Coopzeitung Weekend», «scoop!» has been created on TikTok and Instagram as a platform for the young generation for open discussion, loud laughter and creative production.

The broad variety of topics covered by «scoop!» is packaged around the claim «Brain snacks for your everyday life» - short multimedia formats that trigger an "aha" experience and make you want more.

Fresh, young and brave

«scoop!» pursues a social-first strategy and focuses its presence on Tiktok and Instagram under the name @scoop.mag. The content is created editorially by the young creative minds of the «scoop!» team or collaboratively with Swiss influencers. In addition, «scoop!» works with brands whose messages fit the digital magazine and meet the demands of the community. Through co-determination of the topics and interaction with the followers, «scoop!» should grow, develop further and always be tailored to the needs of the young generation.

Fancy social media too?

We know our way around the world of social networks and can advise you on how to target your younger customers.

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