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Development of the corporate design, implementation of an SEO strategy as well as design and development of the website for the non-profit association AGO2.

The AGO2 Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children and families affected by AGO2 syndrome (Lessel-Kreienkamp/Leskres).

AGO2 syndrome (Lessel-Kreienkamp/Leskres syndrome) is a genetic neurodevelopmental disorder that can lead to delayed motor development, seizures, speech and comprehension problems, and cognitive impairment.

We like projects that do good, and so does Ago2. That's why we donated our time and energy to this project for free.

We were also strongly committed to the young NGO out of intrinsic motivation and, in close cooperation, created a complete corporate design, which, enriched with a website, supports the fight against AGO2 syndrome.

Screenshot of the website ago2.org with the global donation appeal teaser.
Screenshot of the website ago2.org with the global donation appeal teaser.

The mission of AGO2

  1. Finding and funding pathways to treatment: Because many rare diseases affect only a few patients, pharmaceutical companies neglect to fund early translational research, so unfortunately it is now up to parents to find and fund pathways to treatment.

  2. Connecting families: Because AGO2 syndrome is both rare and new, patients are isolated and little is known about the care our children receive. It is crucial to bring families together and identify more patients.

  3. Raise awareness and provide information: As a result of little awareness of AGO2 syndrome, we want to spread awareness of the condition and provide quality, peer-reviewed information.

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We do our bit for good causes! We like to give our share to a better world and support projects that are in line with our principles.

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