The Verein Setzkasten

Development of the website on design template by Cedric Kegreiss and in collaboration with Barbara Piatti.

For the Verein Setzkasten we were allowed to implement an exciting and varied project. We were able to use the design template by Cedric Kegreiss for a playful and attractive implementation, in which the interaction with the user is not neglected.

Was der Verein macht

The best thing to do is let our customers speak for themselves, quote: "Cedric Kegreiss and Barbara Piatti have jointly founded the association "Setzkasten. Design and Play from Basel". Within this framework, we develop objects and events that we enjoy, that we consider to be socially relevant and that - somewhat utopianly speaking - make our world a tiny little bit better with good, meaningful, sustainable design.

We experiment, tinker, test, discard and start all over again.

We want to turn our sometimes wild ideas into prototypes and from there ideally make the leap to marketability. In other words, we experiment, tinker, test, discard and start all over again. In concrete terms: At the moment, letters, colors, shapes, reading and reading aloud are the focus of our work. Our projects have a pedagogical claim and we attach great importance to creative and technical perfection. Equally important for us: cooperation with sustainable partners and trades from Switzerland."

Fancy some games?

We are available for any creative idea.

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