Rhythm in the blood

Supporting the band Schwellheim in various matters from website and video productions to social media, promotion and marketing.

For over 18 years, the Basel band «Schwellheim» has been causing a sensation on the Swiss stages with their hot sound and is now back in top form with the two EPs «Ei Schritt vorwärts ...» and «... und keine zrugg».

In the music business, it is elementarily important to be seen.

That's exactly why we have been working for the band for many years and look after all kinds of online presences. In addition to developing the website, we conceived and designed the entire corporate design and album artwork thanks to the refreshing support of Studio Herrmann.

Cover artwork of the two new EPs by Schwellheim

While the 10-member band was initially oriented towards reggae or ska, they have become even more versatile in the course of their career and do not shy away from genre boundaries. What has remained are the spicy beats and the rousing brass sections, which fly at the listeners with such force that every concert becomes a musical firework.

Music for the charts

Our intensive efforts around marketing and promotion have brought the band their biggest success at the moment, entering the Swiss album charts at number five with their latest album «Musik für di».

Rhythm in the blood?

Do you also feel like a creative dance in digital realms? We adapt to your musical taste.

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